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Member Cuts!

I just finished sorting the members for ROUND 6 and making cuts, so I just wanted to bring your attention to how the teams currently look. Thankfully Team Swan is catching up in numbers, but we need some major pimping to bring in some more Snowflakes. Feel free to use these banners I'll make some more with different characters ASAP.

This post is public so 1) those who were cut can see it & 2) past members who see this may want to return (I can hope, right?).
So, for those of you considering joining, I won't be accepting any new Evil Regals until the Snowflakes at least catch up to the White Knights. But if you're willing to wait for Team Evil, you just note that in your application.


abyss_valkyrie adi_dion athousandsmiles
beybey16510 aheartforaqueen brinchen86
cnc9619 akari_yagami bowlerhat_girl
destielfan06 ariestess candream
footballlover10 clementynes dance_the_dance
heartundone confessoralana drizzlydaze
hughville dj_rocca ilikethequiet
jungle_ride geekgrrllurking inabsentialuci
lafemmedarla girlie_girl_23 jacquelee
lost_4198 icequeen3101 juxtaposed_arb
marcal_92 iheartnickcath kadie_darling
mastiffgirl katleept lunarknightz
mihnn last_winterrose melpomenethemis
odd_one_around leadsisters ricksilsa
oparu livelovelikeme rories
raktajinos luscious_words sanalith
sensitivinferno madampresident scandalbaby
sidhe_faerie mergana thatgaychick
sql_girl pezgirl7 wistfulwatcher
philstar22 xonceinadream

You may also notice the two new leaders :)

If your name isn't on here, but it should be just let me know down below and I'll send you the invites.
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