TheOnlySPL (theonlyspl) wrote in onceuponaland,

Round 7 Members

I've compiled a list below of the members for next round. I haven't cut anyone yet, but I will be cutting anyone who is not on this list tomorrow. So if you'd like to stay, just comment below with which team you'd like. Same for past members, if you'd like to rejoin us for the new round, comment below! I may not accept Swans until we get a few more Snowflakes, though.

beybey16510 adi_dion athousandsmiles
jungle_ride ariestess brinchen86
kelz16 confessoralana candream
lealila dj_rocca drizzlydaze
lost_4198 fizzbuzz ilikethequiet
mastiffgirl geekgrrllurking inabsentialuci
odd_one_around girlie_girl_23 kadie_darling
raktajinos iheartnickcath lunarknightz
ricksilsa katleept melpomenethemis
sidhe_faerie last_winterrose rabidmunkee
_snitchbitch luscious_words sanalith
starianprincess mergana sensitivinferno
walkthatwalk pezgirl7 thatgaychick
philstar22 wistfulwatcher
shatterpath xonceinadream
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Hi! I was a member a while back, and I was wondering if I could rejoin?

If I can, I don't mind being put in the Snow team. :)

Yes of course, we'd love to have you back!
Your invites should appear here :)
Thank you!
Hey, I think I may be able to get in the swing of things again. Can I be Team Regina, please?
Of course! Welcome back :)
Your invites should appear here.
Meep. Why didn't I see this?.. Can I stayyyyyyyyyyyy dear Queenie?
Yes you can stayyyyyyyyy Beauty! <3
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

I'm so sorry, RL got a little crazy around the Holidays and I kind of stepped back from LJ for a while but I'll back and if it's not too late I would like to stay.
That's perfectly fine, glad you're sticking around ;)
If it's not too late, I would like to stay please.
Of course, added to the list! :)
I'm back! And I hope I can stay sane but keep having fun. I'd like to stay a Snowflake if possible, please! :)
Okay, adding you to the list! :D
Thank you!