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14 November 2012 @ 01:38 pm
If you can't see this post, you were cut from the community. This includes anyone who did not answer the poll or who told me they did not want to stay for another round. There was a total of 23 members cut. So if your name is not on this list, and it should be, let me know.
09 July 2012 @ 12:13 am
I finally brought out the scissors. If you can't see this post, you were cut from the community. This includes anyone who did not answer the poll or who told me they did not want to stay for another round. If you think I've made a mistake, and you'd like to stay, let me know and I'll re-send the invites ;)
23 March 2012 @ 08:58 pm
If you can't see this post, you were cut from the community. This includes anyone who did not answer the poll or who told me they did not want to stay for another round. If you didn't answer the poll, but would like to stay, just let me know and I'll resend invites. Also, If you wanted to switch teams, you should have received invites to your new team comms.
07 November 2011 @ 11:45 am

Here is the master list of all members of this comm. Categorized by teams. Members will be added as needed.

_snitchbitch adi_dion athousandsmiles
anniehv ariestess brinchen86
beybey16510 confessoralana candream
footballlover10 dj_rocca drizzlydaze
jungle_ride fizzbuzz ilikethequiet
kelz16 geekgrrllurking inabsentialuci
lealila girlie_girl_23 kadie_darling
lost_4198 iheartnickcath lunarknightz
mastiffgirl katleept melpomenethemis
mergana last_winterrose rabidmunkee
odd_one_around luscious_words ricksilsa
raktajinos pezgirl7 sanalith
sidhe_faerie philstar22 sensitivinferno
solarbaby614 shatterpath thatgaychick
starianprincess tanyareed wistfulwatcher
walkthatwalk viviantanner xonceinadream
07 November 2011 @ 10:18 am
1. Please read all the rules before applying.

2. To qualify, your journal must be at least a month old and show signs of activity (posts, friends, comms, etc.) Since we are trying to fill out the teams, brand new LJ members will be permitted to join even if they have nothing in their journal

3. Please answer all questions.

4. If you don't have the time to participate at least once every two weeks, please don't apply

5. If your application is accepted, we will send you an invite to the main community and your team community, all you have to do is accept.


  • Team Snow (team_snow) Note: unfortunately, there will be no team snow this round

  • Team Regina/Evil Queen (team_evilregina)

  • Team Swan (the_swan_team)

    Example Application:

    Name: Laura/SPL
    Teams in order of preference: Regina/Evil Queen, Swan, Snow.
    Have you seen all the (aired) episodes of Once Upon a Time? Yes!
    Anything Else? Regina/Emma ;)
    Referral: N/A [if someone has referred you, please put their username here]

    Copy and paste the content of the text box below and answer all questions.

    *Note: in some cases, you may not get to be in your first team choice because we have to keep the number of members in each team equal but remember, team names are just that -names- all members of all teams can create works for any characters they desire, despite team names*

07 November 2011 @ 12:23 am
If you have any suggestions/comments/critiques/etc. about the comm/challenges you may post them here ;)
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07 November 2011 @ 12:19 am
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Landcomm?
The term "Landcomm" refers to an interactive challenge community for fans of chosen fandom(s) where members are split into teams and are presented with a variety of challenges (games, writings, fanart, etc.) that are to be completed by the specified deadline. For each challenge you participate in, you will receive points, which are accumulated into your team's points. At the end of each round, the team with the most points is named the winners!

2. Do I need to have a LiveJournal account to join?
Yes. Luckily, signing up is free and easy. Simply go to the home page and click "Create an Account". The rest is pretty straight forward.

3. Where should I submit my entry to the challenge?
In a comment to the challenge post, unless otherwise stated in the rules of the challenge.

4. I need to take a break/hiatus or leave, where do I do that?
You may either send me (theonlyspl) a direct message, or comment to this post. If you just need a hiatus, let me know approximately how long you need when you do message/comment.

5. What if I can't do a challenge?
Then you just don't do it. You are only required to do at least one challenge every two weeks, this is because we know you have lives!

6. Can I submit something old I've made?
No, you cannot. Anything submitted must be made specifically for the challenge/task. The entry must be new and kept secret until the challenge results have been posted, unless otherwise stated in the challenge rules.

7. Can I share my entry with other people?

Yes, you can, but not until after the challenge/voting is over (unless otherwise stated in the instructions).

8. Can I submit other people's work?
No. Unless it is a collaborative challenge, or the instructions state otherwise.

9. Can I vote for my own entry?
No. If this were allowed, everyone would vote for themselves and no one would win.

10. What is a sig? What are the regulations for Signature Banners?
Sig is short form for Signature Banner. Go here for more information.

11. What is the Spoiler Policy?
The spoiler policy for challenges is as follows:
No content from new episodes can be used in challenge entries for a week after the episode airs. This means nothing--not art, not fic, nothing. This doesn't only go for challenges that have voting; it goes for everything.

12. Is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland included in this community?
Yes! You may use OUaTiW for any graphics/writing challenges unless the instructions for the specific challenge state otherwise. You are not, however, required to watch the show in order to participate in the community.

13. Do I have to watch both shows to participate?
No, you are not. Although both shows are now included in the community, you are not required to watch both. As long as you're a fan of the Once universe, you're free to join us. Any knowledge based (i.e. trivia) challenges will either be geared towards the original or allow you to choose between the two.

14. I have a problem/question. What do I do?
Contact a mod/team leader. Or comment here.

15. I'd like to promote the community, are there any graphics I can use?
Yes, of course! You're free to use any of the graphics in this post. Additionally, if you've made any you'd like to share, let me know over there and I'll add it to the post.
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07 November 2011 @ 12:13 am

  1. No swearing. We want this to be a friendly environment for all members ;)

  2. No bashing. Characters, actors, teams, members - do not bash any of them, please. You are entitled to your own opinions but harsh opinions must be kept out of our community.

  3. You must participate in at least one challenge every two weeks. Inactive members will be cut. You will receive notices/warnings before you are cut, so if you have a really good reason for being inactive, let us know. If you've been cut and would like to rejoin, you will have to reapply.  Hiatus/breaks may be given if asked, but you must PM a mod if you need one.

  4. No spam. We do not accept pimp posts for other comms, etc.

  5. Read the challenge rules. In order to keep the community rules brief, we will have extra rules for each challenge.

  6. In the "Anything Else" category of your application to join, please write one of your favourite Once Upon a Time or OUaT in Wonderland couples. (ex. Emma/Regina or Snow White/Prince Charming, etc.) Do not use the same as the person who applied before you or I will know you haven't read the rules!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ;)
“So listen carefully dear, because it’s in your best interest.”


  1. Games: These can be anything from word finds to luck games. Game challenges are easy to participate in, so if you're pressed for time, join in on a game challenge ;)

  2. Writings: Anything from drabbles to poems to long stories and everything in between.

  3. Graphics: Icons, wallpapers, photomanipulations, etc. (You may need a program such as photoshop or gimp)

  4. Magical: Special challenges including gift exchanges, discussions, group projects and more.


1) Every challenge awards a set amount of points for participation, this will vary with different tasks/challenges and will be stated in the challenge post.

2) Winners will receive bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge/task

3) Points are awarded to you and combined with those of your team. If you do not state your team name when posting your response to a challenge, no points will be awarded.
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07 November 2011 @ 12:06 am

After you have been assigned a team, you may like to make your intro post and make yourself a signature banner (AKA sig)! This post will explain signature banner rules.

  1. Your sig must have your username on it

  2. Your team name must be on it

  3. Must not be larger than 300x150 pixels

  4. If you cannot make your own sig, you may ask a mod or another member of your team, and if you are lucky, they will make you one.

Please note that for challenges that allow you to make team sigs, you do not have to use your own team/name, you may make them for others or use placeholder text (i.e. "name here" + "team here") and offer to personalize.

Here are example signature banners (made for [info]castleland)

Keep in mind that for this comm, the teams are Swan, Regina/Evil Queen & Snow.
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